MATLAB is a computer programming language that is used frequently in engineering industry, research, and education to write programs and solve computational problems. The following set of posts consists of a MATLAB tutorial series aimed at presenting the basic topics of MATLAB programming. This tutorial is written assuming no prior experience with MATLAB or other computer programming languages. I've tried to keep the posts interactive with example code or screenshots for each topic. For maximum benefit, I would recommend that you run MATLAB while reading and work out the discussions on your own.

  1. What is MATLAB?
  2. Getting to Know the MATLAB Environment
  3. MATLAB as a Calculator
  4. Using MATLAB Script Files
  5. MATLAB Vectors and Scalar Variables
  6. Element-by-element Operations
  7. 2D Plots in MATLAB
  8. MATLAB Matrices
  9. Solving Systems of Equations in MATLAB
  10. Programming in MATLAB
  11. Output Commands and Formatting
  12. User-defined Functions
  13. Symbolic Math in MATLAB
  14. Numerical Analysis
    • Equation Solving, Max/Min Values
    • Numerical Integration, Differential Equations
  15. Loops in MATLAB

In the future I plan to add many more MATLAB entries related to more advanced topics as well as examples of MATLAB application to solving some real engineering problems.